Castell Penrhyn Project Final Piece

After three weeks of experimenting with materials to create images inspired by our visit to Castell Penrhyn I brought the project to a conclusion today. I enjoyed visiting the Castle and found the space very interesting, however I was more influenced by the history of the quarry and the politics behind the historic events that took place in Bethesda. I tried to incorporate these ideas mainly through text. With this piece, I firstly created an outline of a mountain using ink and then wrote the poem ‘Y Streic’ by Gwyneth Glyn and Iwan Llwyd over and over again to resemble the veins of a piece of slate.

 Y Streic

Mae’n beryg rhwng Padarn a Pheris,
mae’n aeaf y Gilfach Ddu,
Mae’r hogia’n cwyno’n y caban
a’r gegin yn wag yn y ty:
“Mae’n bryd i ni roi’n harfau i lawr,
a herio’r mistar yn y plasdy mawr!”

Ffarwél i’r llwch ac i’r llechi,
ffarwél i’r hen gyllell fach,
Ffarwél i’r ffowndri a’r efail
a’r holl beiriannau a’u strach –
“Mae’n hundeb ni yn ddigon cry’,
ac ni fydd bradwr yn y ty!”

Ond mae’n gafael ym Mhencarnisiog
a’r un geiniog ym mhoced y gwr,
mae’n llusgo yn ôl am y chwarel
cyn bod rhwd ar yr olwyn ddwr:
“rhyw ddydd cawn wared ar dy lwch
a rhydd fydd cân yr hen afon Hwch!”




Life Drawing Week 1

Today we were in the life room working with the life model, Jan. We began by focusing on Jan and drawing her twice life size with charcoal. We then focused on the space and worked at a fast pace with charcoal and water to portray the sense of space in the room, including everything we could see. We were being directed a lot by our tutor, which I enjoyed as it made me work at a faster pace than I would normally. After lunch we then focused on different parts of Jan and created six drawings for next week when we will work with plaster to create sculptures. We then worked on the floor and rotated around Jan so we could draw her at different angles.